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Google Analytics 4 – What’s New with the Latest Google Update

Google Analytics needs no introduction; it’s been around for 8 years. It is a great tool from an SEO perspective as it allows marketers analysts to survey activities on the websites. Although, it is a great tool for websites and almost checks all the boxes. However, mobile apps are completely unavailable on Google Analytics view. […]

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5 Core Marketing Concepts Every Marketer Needs to Know

Marketing is all about creating strategies to fulfill customer needs, improving sales, amplifying profit, and overtaking competitors. But if you’ve just started a business and are wondering which marketing approach to go for, this blog is for you. Today, we’re going to talk about five core marketing concepts that every marketer should be familiar with. […]

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Turn Things Around with Digital Marketing Services Post Lockdown

How to drive business growth now that lockdowns are slowly being lifted everywhere With most of the world in partial or complete lockdown, times have become quite uncertain for not just the economy, but humanity in general. This is due to multiple factors, and the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the scenario for nearly every industry […]

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Facebook Ad vs. Google Ad: Which One Generates a Higher ROI?

Google and Facebook- the two biggest internet giants stand equally before each other. Many businesses are confused about which one of them is the best and that which will bring them a higher return on investment. To be straight, it depends. Both Facebook and Google are the global leaders in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. […]

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5 Major Ways Infographics and Digital Marketing Work Together

With the rise and boom of technology and the internet, we have huge amounts of information that is being transmitted around the world every single day. Our ways of communicating have changed dramatically in the last couple of decades. It is really amazing if you consider the millions of posts, tweets and videos that are […]

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5 Website Strategies to Help You Reach Your Business Goals

When you get a project – your main aim is to finish that project with your skills and abilities. Regardless of what field or industry you are in, your focus is the same as any other business owner. This means you are not just accountable for managing and maintaining a business but also responsible for […]

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