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Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Mobile Commerce

People love to shop online and the number is increasing day by day. There are three popular ways to shop – via the web store, through a dedicated app, and from traditional shops. The dedicated app aspect comes under mobile commerce. There isn’t much difference between eCommerce and mCommerce. They both function almost the same […]

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Magento vs WordPress: The Ultimate Comparison for 2021

Is building a business website on your 2021 checklist? If yes, make sure you select the right platform. Of all the website development platforms available in the market, Magento and WordPress are the prime leaders. In fact, every developer faces the dilemma of choosing between the two at least once in their career span. Both […]

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8 Web Development Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

As the digital world continues to set new trends, it is essential for businesses to be aware of the latest web development innovations. This not only prompts a strong online presence but also helps them stay ahead of the competition.  Whether you are a website developer handling various projects or a business owner who needs […]

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WordPress vs. Shopify: What’s best for your eCommerce Store?

As a business owner looking for new ways to reach more customers, you have finally decided to start selling online. So, where do you begin? For starters, you need a website that serves as an online store for your brand. There are two ways in which you can build one–one of them is to use […]

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Custom Vs. Template-Based Website: What’s The Difference?

A common confusion that comes up while designing a website is – ‘Which is better – Customized or Template-based website?’ Both options have their own pros and cons and that is what we’re going to focus on, in today’s blog post. We will list down the benefits and limitations of each option to help you […]

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5 Website Strategies to Help You Reach Your Business Goals

When you get a project – your main aim is to finish that project with your skills and abilities. Regardless of what field or industry you are in, your focus is the same as any other business owner. This means you are not just accountable for managing and maintaining a business but also responsible for […]

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