Getting More Customer Reviews to Boost Your Local Business

Getting More Customer Reviews to Boost Your Local Business

Getting More Customer Reviews to Boost Your Local Business

10 Nov 2020    ORM

Online customer reviews can make a huge difference in how a business gets projected on the web. Here are some stats that prove the power of customer reviews: 

  • People read an average of 10 online reviews before trusting a business.
  • 94% of people say an online review has convinced them to avoid a business.

– Source

So, what next?
Are you thinking, how do I garner more (or good) reviews for my business? The answer to the question is quite simple actually. 

Take a look at the following ways: 

1. Email Collection During Billing

Requesting your customers’ email address and contact number is a brilliant technique for receiving a review. Generally, customers tend to share these personal details with a business only if they’ve had a great experience.

So, once you get their emails, just send a friendly follow up asking them to write an honest review about their experience. 


2. Request Them Verbally for a Feedback

Don’t feel ashamed in straight-up requesting reviews. If you’ve provided a good service/product, the customers will be more than happy to accept your request and give feedback. 

Remember, this is not a tactic that you can use when you have a long queue of customers. This one is rather casual. You or your employees can bring it up during friendly conversations with the customer. Make sure not to repeat it again and again or be pushy about it. Your request should seem genuine and heartfelt. 


3. Include Review Reminder Pop-Ups on your Website

This is one tactic that even professionals recommend. When you consult a company for online reputation management services, even they would ask you to use a pop-up for review reminders on your website. 

This technique is simple and obvious, yet several businesses don’t use it enough. As a business owner, you should know that people will only submit reviews if you make an effort from your end. 

When they visit your website, let them know their feedback means the world to you and they will definitely give you what you want. In this process, just don’t forget to provide them with a satisfactory service because that’s what they are going to ultimately mention in the review. 


4. Make the Most of Social Media

Believe it or not, social media is the most amazing technique to draw reviews. Who isn’t using social media today? Everybody!  So, why not use it to your benefit?  

Let’s assume you have a fast-food restaurant. If you’ve discontinued a particular item from the menu & wish to know what your customers thinking about it, ask them to share reviews. Instead of asking them informally while taking orders, tell them to share their feedback in the form of reviews. Tell them you’re going to bring it back if you get ‘a specific number’ of votes for it. 

This technique will not only garner more reviews but will also help you connect with them on a personal level. They will share stories and comments that will allow you to improve your menu & make it more desirable. Wouldn’t that be great? 

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5. Make Sure You Reply to Every Review

Your business may be keeping you busy. But that doesn’t mean you ask for reviews and then don’t bother to respond to them.

Once you start getting reviews (something you always wanted), it’s your duty to reply to each one of them. 

By replies, we don’t mean standard, robotic replies like ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry for the inconvenience caused’. 

Make your replies believable and personalized. Customers whether they’re happy with your service or unhappy; will truly appreciate your response. A good reply to an angry or upset customer can even make them change their review. All you need to do is accept your mistake and if it’s not your mistake just explain your point in a courteous manner.

Bear in mind, not all reviews will be positive. Any business that has only positive reviews means something is wrong. Bad reviews don’t bother customers. But, bad reviews with no response from the business’ end put them off. Always remember this! 


6. Sometimes, All it Takes is a Delightful Experience

Whether in-store or online, customer experience plays a vital role. If a customer is in awe of your service or product from the moment he enters, they’ll actually feel obliged to give a review.

Focus on giving a highly satisfactory experience to every customer and see the magic unfold. Being consistently good with your offerings or service will definitely pay off. 

There’s a reason why brands like Apple, Disney, and Tesla are winning hearts across the world. Think about it…

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