Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Mobile Commerce

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Mobile Commerce

Top 5 Reasons to Adopt Mobile Commerce

19 Mar 2021    E-commerce Development

Types of Mobile Commerce Apps

Here are three types of mobile commerce apps –

Mobile Banking Apps

Currently, almost every bank has a dedicated mobile banking app. These apps work the same as internet banking but with limited features and functionality. They are, however, designed to enhance the experience on mobile with added security features. You can directly access these apps from other models of mobile commerce apps such as Amazon.

Shopping Apps

There are several shopping apps (like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba) on Google Play Store and Apple Store. These apps allow people to buy and purchase desired items with ease and then pay with the method of their choosing. There are various kinds of shopping apps such as – food apps, clothing stores, medicine stores.

Payment Apps

Payment apps are designed for quick payments. Just save your banking details in the app and then you can pay at stores just by scanning the barcode, by registered mobile number, or directly to the bank account. Furthermore, you can also pay your bills with no hassle.

5 Advantages of Mobile Commerce

There are always some pros and cons for everything there is, and the same goes for any kind of business. If there is huge growth potential, a few disadvantages mean nothing. With mobile commerce, the disadvantages are insignificant as compared to the loads of advantages it offers.

Nowadays, the number of mobile users is increasing and they usually shop with a mobile phone using a dedicated application. They rarely use the website of the same store to buy the things they need. Because of this, the number, we are seeing tremendous growth potential in mobile commerce. Most online stores have websites powered by responsive web design, but when it comes to performance, mobile apps are far superior.

Let’s understand the advantages of mCommerce with the following points –

#1 Improved Shopping Experience

As we all know, eCommerce completely changed the way we shop. Thanks to eCommerce, we have easy access to a higher number of products and services. And because of the competition among the marketers where everyone wants to take over another, we have competitive pricing. Ecommerce made shopping so convenient that you can purchase anything with just a few clicks without moving a muscle.

As mentioned earlier, that m-commerce is just an extension of eCommerce. So why do we even need it? Well, m-commerce has the benefits of eCommerce and lots more. It allows people to shop online anywhere they want; you don’t need a computer for that.

#2 High Chances to Scale your Business

People are moving to mobile platforms from the desktop or any other platform. Mobile devices are easy to carry and whenever they need them, they can quickly open the browser or the application to place an order.

When there is a huge number of potential customers, the chances of growing any business are imminent. The number of people accessing online stores is increasing each day, and it will not slow down anytime soon.

#3 Access to Multiple Channels

Since the rise of mobile commerce, the term omnichannel is trending. This concept uses offline and online platforms like Amazon and Alibaba to sell products. With the help of this method, a business can provide customers with the products and items they are interested in.

So, if you still don’t have a dedicated mobile app for your store, you are missing a lot. To improve the shopping experience for your customers always get the official app and the website. Make sure to hire professional app and website design services to make the most of mCommerce.

#4 Multiple Payment Options

Remember the days where there were only a few payment options on the eCommerce websites? But now, m-commerce brings so many options to make a payment including payment via wallets, credit and debit cards, cash on delivery, and more. This makes everything a lot easier and the shopping experience much, much better than it was before.

The end-users can save the banking details of multiple banks, and at the time of payment, they can choose the desired option to pay. A mobile application makes the overall purchasing faster than compared to the websites. Responsive eCommerce websites are also convenient to use on a mobile phone, but they are not as good as the mobile app. A mobile app is synced with other payment apps like Google Pay which allows the users to make payments effortlessly.

#5 Higher Reach and More Customers

We’ve mentioned the tremendous number of mobile users quite a few times already. The huge numbers mean a higher number of potential customers. Suppose you have a website for your online store and also enough regular customers. You can increase that number by adopting responsive web design on your website and getting a dedicated mobile app. Combing the two will give you a higher reach and more customers.

So, these are the major advantages of mobile commerce for modern businesses. The importance of m-commerce is hard to ignore, especially in current market conditions. It demands technological advancements and mobile commerce is the right step in the right direction.

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