7 Ways to Design the Perfect Email Marketing Strategy

7 Ways to Design the Perfect Email Marketing Strategy

7 Ways to Design the Perfect Email Marketing Strategy

06 Oct 2020    Email Marketing

Top Email Marketing Trends to Follow this Year

Both technology, and the people using it, are always evolving, and we have to build our email marketing strategy accordingly. What we need to aim for here is a great experience for the client. 

This can be achieved by knowing the latest trends, which we will discuss below – 


1. Create Dark Mode-Friendly Designs

The design of your email matters now more than ever because it is the first thing your reader will notice. So, creating attractive and refreshing ones is important and may only take a few basic changes like going dark. 

Dark-friendly designs may be preferable at the moment because of the popularity of the dark mode everywhere. Plenty of apps now support dark screens and interfaces that are useful in plenty of ways. These include ease in late-night use, better focus, extended battery life, and helping users cope with issues like photophobia. 


2. Add Graphics and Isometric Illustrations

You can make your emails stand out with the use of 3D email graphics and isometric drawing. Anyone of these is enough to make your emails pop thanks to its use of 30-degree angles. This helps maintain the appearance of an image while providing it a 3D look. Both of these trends may take a bit of getting used to but are certainly worth the time and effort.

This type of crisp design is perfect if you are creating email campaigns for new products. The best part about these designs is that even the simplest forms can create a great impression on clients.


3. Apply Simple, Minimalistic Designs

Minimalism became increasingly popular in the last year. In fact, it continues to leave its mark in different aspects of our lives in 2020 as well. Decluttering everything from our closets and shelves to our virtual presence has made many of us realize that less is more and better.

The minimalist trend has indeed carried over into virtual designs aimed at customers such as websites, blogs, and email campaigns. Choosing fewer but more attractive content, colors, and patterns will not just keep things light but also more appealing. After all, the receivers of these emails are tired enough with ads occupying practically every empty space at times. 

This means “decluttering” the text as well, by covering a single subject and getting rid of unnecessary details. However, this simplicity shouldn’t come at the cost of creativity – try different color schemes, fonts, etc. for more appeal.


4. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages enables the inclusion of interactive elements in the email for necessary actions. This lets subscribers make those actions directly from their emails rather than redirecting to the website.

Such increased convenience requires certain criteria to be fulfilled but leads to dynamic and highly useful content. Therefore, it helps increase engagement and encourage response and feedback. So, including AMP into your list of email design trend ideas to incorporate into emails is a great idea.


5. Enhance Automation

Email automation is a giant step in reducing the hassle associated with creating new campaigns and sending bulk emails. What’s more, this technology is easy to adapt to, and it is only going to improve in the next decade. All it takes is a few minutes to get acquainted with its basic rules.  

With the incorporation of A.I. and machine learning, you no longer have to constantly track your emails. Also, each customer is bound to have a wonderful experience when they receive precise content exactly when they need it. 


6. Marketing Across Different Channels

Email is the most preferred marketing channel by digital marketers. However, it can be used in combination with other channels in the form of cross-channel marketing for added advantage. This involves synchronizing different marketing channels to provide benefits to customers across a unified front.

While it increases brand awareness and customer loyalty, it is not highly customized and can cause problems in certain situations. Despite this, it offers many more advantages than disadvantages and is set to evolve significantly over the next few years. Its useful applications include the use of different platforms like social media and applications that monitor customer patterns. A few examples are loyalty programs for customers and data integration across various home appliances.


7. Improving Mobile Compatibility

The use of mobile devices is only going to increase as time passes, with a huge percentage of the population checking the emails on their smartphones or tablets. Therefore, any successful email marketing strategy for this year must include mobile compatibility as the baseline. 

Make sure to keep your emails optimized because this trend is not about to decline any time soon. In fact, consider mobile users to be your main recipients as you design a new email, and test it first. 

Try to think like one of your subscribers – how focused are they while reading your email? Most of them are likely to check their emails in between bigger tasks or while they are on the move. In such cases, it is more important to keep emails brief and easy to understand.


These are some of the main trends to consider this year but bear in mind that these could change as time passes. As people and their requirements change, so do the trends, which is why you need to keep yourself updated from time to time.

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