Article Marketing How It Can Improve Your SEO and Drive More Traffic?

Article Marketing How It Can Improve Your SEO and Drive More Traffic?

Article Marketing How It Can Improve Your SEO and Drive More Traffic?

18 Nov 2021    Content Marketing

Articles are content marketing that promotes the owner’s business with the help of backlinks, authority links to gain visibility.

Writing engaging and informative articles can engage the audience and drive traffic to the website. However, these articles are written with proper strategic planning before they reach the audience. A great article generates traffic and circulates across a variety of channels. Here we will talk about the importance of writing articles and what makes them worth sharing on all the mediums. 

If you can write a good article, it will help you drive more traffic. And it does not mean one has to write dozens of articles on various topics that have no quality, but one should write to catch attention immediately. These articles reach the target audience by attracting more visitors to the website. These articles improve SEO over time and are used for content marketing.

Article Marketing Helps SEO

Article marketing can optimize search engines and help your site rank in Google search for topics. When users search for particular information, they see the top-ranking web pages and check the topic-related information.

 It means website owners have to publish their own article content and optimize it for search engines for users. Article marketing helps website owners in many ways.

Benefits of Article Marketing

●    Increase the credibility of your website
●    Drive more organic traffic from search engines to websites.
●    Turning leads into sales.
●    Rank in video and image search.
●    Internal links will direct authority to other pages via your site. 
●    Adding valuable backlinks to your site from other websites and blogs.

 These reasons state that writing website content can really help you drive traffic and climb the search engine rankings. With the right approach, you achieve great results. You can increase user engagement by starting interaction on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Not only this, you can re-share your articles on other platforms such as Pinterest and third party sites. These are some of the options to help you convert visitors into subscribers and actual customers. However, you need to follow essential steps when writing an article in an appealing format.

Here is How You Can Write Great Content

1. Brainstorm:- Find out what interests your target audience. It takes a brainstorming session to think about the topic that your audience finds interesting and worth enough. If you are a fashion designer, your audience may want to know about the best designs in the market and the costs of clothes you sell. Try to choose a variety of topics related to your field that people like to read.

2. Choose Keyword Search:- Once you finalize a topic, the next step is to chart them to searchable keywords. It helps your article gain visibility and attention from the users while searching for the information. You can also refer to some tools that help you allow to find trending topics and keywords. The search volume is a good indicator to write the article for SEO purposes. Here you have to observe the competition level for a particular keyword. You may find a high-volume keyword that is competitive for your site. In that case, choose a less competitive keyword and go after high-volume keywords over time.

3. Writing Style:- Pay attention to your writing style when it comes to drafting an article. You can either hire an SEO writer or choose the DIY route. It is essential to take care of the tone and structure of your write-ups. Your articles should convey information start -to -finish so that users really enjoy reading your articles. 

4. Engage and Interact:- Now that your article is everywhere, what would be the next step? Do not wait for the traffic, but as an intelligent marketer, you can engage with users by responding and replying on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can give a new life to your article so that you can re-share your content all over again. That way, you can attract users for months and years to come.

5. Optimize Content:- This is a critical step from the Search Engine Optimization point of view. Optimizing content involves some essential steps, such as adding H2 and H3 headings, adding internal and external links, including meta descriptions and adding keyword-optimized title tags.

To Sum Up

These points above can help you drive traffic and tell you the basics to follow when writing articles. Write, publish and share attractive articles with clever strategies and take your marketing skills to another level.

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