5 Bewitching Social Media Strategies for Brand Growth

5 Bewitching Social Media Strategies for Brand Growth

5 Bewitching Social Media Strategies for Brand Growth

16 Apr 2021    Digital Marketing

It’s okay.

Social media optimization strategies are complicated and somewhat amusing. And with so many platforms out there, it’s only natural to feel a little left behind. To help you cope up, we’re going to provide you with some great social media marketing techniques in this blog. Each strategy is result-driven and helps you engage your target audience.

1. Oversee your Social Media Pages

Keeping a regular check on your social media pages is a great way to respond to their queries and understand their needs. To curate snackable content for social media, you need to find out what people are talking about, what they’re interested in, and what they’re completely against.

Sprout Social and Hootsuite are two of the most widely used monitoring tools recommended by experts. They provide you with accurate analytics so you can tweak your captions, images, and videos accordingly.

2. Create Distinctive Social Media Posts

To create a notable brand identity, you need to stand out from your competitors. See what they’re doing and learn from their mistakes. A simple yet effective way to get started is by creating a social media calendar. It will help you ensure consistency and give you time to brainstorm ideas. Once you have a calendar in place, make sure you monitor the response each post gets. This will allow you to learn what is getting more attention and plan out a new roadmap. 

Remember to keep your posts short and to the point, because nobody likes reading long paragraphs (save long those long posts for special occasions & milestones). 

3. Make a Detailed Profile

It’s 2021, we all judge a brand by its Facebook or Instagram page, don’t we? Whether you own a beauty salon or run a restaurant, your social media profile says a lot about you. A noteworthy brand profile comprises a catchy bio, a display picture (DP) with your logo, and an attractive cover photo. Don’t forget to include your contact information such as your phone number or email on the profile as that ensures easy communication. If you have a website, be sure to add that to the profile too.

We recommend professional SMO services for those who are just stepping into the gigantic world of social media. Investing some money at the beginning of your social media journey will drive fruitful results in the future. An experienced team will help you establish an online base and once that is built, you only need to think about its maintenance. 

4. Build your Network across Varied Platforms

You need to be where your audience is. They can only reach you if you’re active on as many platforms as they are. Think about as many platforms as you can and create a detailed profile there. Then, work towards building a connection with your audience. Whether it’s a random comment or a query, be sure to respond quickly. The use of hashtags is also a fantastic way to discover people with shared interests. Specialists also recommend the inclusion of call-to-action buttons to encourage individuals to share and like your posts.

5. Cross Promotion of Content

This is one of the most underrated social media optimization strategies used by brands. Add social icons to your website to facilitate one-click sharing across different channels. Talk to your website developer about it and they’ll do it for you in a few minutes. Just tell them in advance which social media platforms you wish to share your content on. 

Including social icons in your email signatures is also a beneficial way to drive more engagements to your pages. 

While both these strategies are beneficial in their own ways, you shouldn’t forget that every social platform has a distinct personality. What gets more likes on Facebook may not getting any attention on Twitter. Let’s say you posted a great caption on Facebook and it generated many comments and likes. Now when you think about posting the same on Twitter, you face a 280 character limit. 

Instead of cross-sharing every post, strategize wisely. Analyze what will sort of content will work on multiple platforms and what will only engage the audience of a specific social network.


More than 3.7 billion users are active on social media. This worldwide figure is enough to tell us how crucial maintaining our social media presence is. Remaining active and consistent will bring you the desired results – you just have to be patient and stay abreast with all that is trending. 
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