Competing with Big Brands in SERPs is Easier than You Think

Competing with Big Brands in SERPs is Easier than You Think

Competing with Big Brands in SERPs is Easier than You Think

26 Nov 2020    Tips And Tutorials

This is why their SEO is done differently as well, aside from the Magento eCommerce development services they select. At least, it should be done – but a majority of small retailers fail to understand one thing. They simply cannot succeed with the same strategies despite having a far greater experience and service. But that doesn’t mean they have to let the big names take away the sales they deserve.

SEO: The Next Step after Dynamic Website Development Services

If you’re a small business owner, you may already know the undeniable impact of outranking a big brand in the SERPs. It will give you great credibility, which is useful as long as you actually deliver what you promise.

Yes, it is certainly possible for a smaller retailer to outrank the most popular ones out there. To achieve this, you need to pick the most suitable dynamic website development services. After that, you must develop your store into one that search engines identify as an authority.

Here’s how you can compete with a larger e-commerce brand online, as a smaller retailer:

1. Channel Your Concentration into the Right Keywords

You are likely to have a lower authority domain, which will take a significant amount of time to rank as you want. In fact, it could take anywhere from a year to more depending on the competitiveness of the keyword. Besides, let’s not forget the sheer amount of resources it’s going to need to achieve this.

Therefore, you will need to focus your efforts wisely. Choose long-tail keywords because these are where a niche business like yours can truly shine. These will improve your conversion rate and make search engines notice your brand. You may have chosen the right Magento eCommerce development services for your online store, but now it’s time for other important decisions like this.

2. Refrain from Using Stock Item Descriptions

Although the item description received from the manufacturers are convenient to use as they are, don’t. Instead, you can put a bit of thought and creativity and change them into so much more. Add valuable information that helps customers make better decisions. You can include purchase guides, 360-degree views, how-to or unboxing videos, etc.

Written content is important by all means, but try to think beyond it. Doing so is absolutely worth your time and resources. That’s because these unique descriptions will stand out and prove why your products should be chosen.

3. Category Pages = Detailed Guides

One of the best ways to persuade customers online is by helping them through in-depth guides. Category and subcategory pages are convenient and strategic places for these as they are easily spotted. The key is to create engaging content for core categories, as this adds value to consumers.

Again, it can get time and resource-consuming, but it is an investment that will surely give you returns. Just as investing in the best dynamic website development services is sure to bring you long-term gains.

4. Think Different in Terms of Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing is not a substitute for advertising, which means you don’t always have to stick to the products when creating content. It could be slightly related but should generally appeal to the customers.

The point here is that you need to think outside the box and come up with a great, if not entirely unique, concept. This concept can be given structure and formed into something not easily replicable.

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5. Use Important People to Earn Links

If you are a marketer operating alongside a smaller retailer, you are likely to know industry experts and many significant people in the business. These top people will prove some of your best assets in link building, thanks to their years of experience.

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