6 Convenient Ways To Improve Domain Authority of a Website

6 Convenient Ways To Improve Domain Authority of a Website

6 Convenient Ways To Improve Domain Authority of a Website

11 Oct 2021    SEO

If you want to get a higher ranking on the search engine result pages, you need to improve your domain authority. Domain authority is nothing but a score that predicts how your website will rank on search engine result pages. Its score ranges from 1 to 100, which means the higher you score, the more your website will rank on search engine result pages. Please note that increasing your domain authority will take time, and you need to have patience for that. 

Always work systematically to increase your domain authority on Google. It is a good idea to read and review your site before making any changes. Remember, working strategically have a positive impact on your domain authority and improve authority score with time.  

Domain authority is essential for organic traffic, but it is not a metric for success because Google does not consider DA and boosting domain authority is not required to make your website rank higher. Calculate Domain Authority by taking into account many other factors like linking root domains and the total number of links to make a single DA score. This score can only tell the “ranking strength” of a website. In short, Your website’s domain authority score will help you find out the competitiveness of your business. So, you should choose keywords carefully. 

Here, you want to know how to increase the domain authority of the website, you can read in this blog. But, changing your DA score or increasing it overnight, won’t make any difference. Since the DA changes frequently, it is not used for measuring SEO performance. With the help of a few points, you can understand how to increase the domain authority of a website.

You Need To Keep In Mind A Few Tips To Increase Your Domain Authority.

1. Increase your social cues - There is a strong connection between social signals and high ranking pages in Google. If you want to create popular pages, your page should have more “likes” and “tweets”. Ideally, for a business page on Facebook, you can increase your followers. You need to have likes, tweets and comments to show you have an active presence on social media. Also, make sure you have a social media button on your pages to help readers share and check the content they post.

2. Improve your off-page SEO - With the help of off-page SEO and its related techniques, you can get good links to improve your ranking.

3. The process of improving your link profile is known as off-page SEO and is related to techniques you can use to acquire good links that will eventually improve your ranking and domain authority.

4. On-page SEO optimization - There are few points to consider in SEO Optimization.

● Optimize titles and descriptions.
● Use heading 1 and 2 in your blogs and articles.
● Optimize URL structure and permalinks for SEO.
● Use SEO optimized images, videos and other media.
● Do not stuff keywords in your content anywhere.
● Add internal links.

5. Improve Page Speed - Technically, Google’s ranking algorithm is related to page speed. It will improve the ranking of sites that load faster than slower sites. Fast page speed has many benefits other than increasing your domain authority. It will give a great user experience and convert more leads into sales.

6. Make a mobile-friendly site - It is essential to have a mobile-optimized website because more people access mobile these days. A website suitable with devices has a better ranking result. Not having a mobile-optimized website won’t make a difference to domain authority score. 

In short, domain authority is just a number to show your domain power, compared to others in the database. Perhaps, a high DA score means you are on the right track. But it is not a guarantee that you will get better rankings. So, if you have a low DA score, do not take it too seriously. Instead, create a website and aim to achieve solid rankings on Google. 


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