Facebook Ad vs. Google Ad: Which One Generates a Higher ROI?

Facebook Ad vs. Google Ad: Which One Generates a Higher ROI?

Facebook Ad vs. Google Ad: Which One Generates a Higher ROI?

19 Nov 2019    Digital Marketing

Both Facebook and Google are the global leaders in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. It depends entirely on the type and nature of your business. Based on your business, its goals, and target audience, you can choose any one of them or the combination of both.

Hence, before you advance towards any PPC agency, you must have the clarity of all these aspects. Besides, you should also be clear about how these campaigns work, when to utilize them, their interface, and the pricing and features.

So, once you have completely understood them, it would be easy to find the answer to- Facebook Ad vs. Google Ad- Which one offers a higher ROI. Hence, keep reading until the end and discover which suits the best for your business.

How do They Work?

Before we bump into the differences between Facebook and Google, it’s essential to know what they are and how they work. You might have observed them several times you would have entered Facebook or Google.

Both of them are known as advertising platforms that operate on a pay-per-click basis. When you post an advertisement on either of the platforms, you enter an auction where you have to make a bid for the amount you want to pay for that ad.

Later, you are charged with that specific amount of money every time somebody clicks on that particular advertisement. So these were the similarities among the two. However, the question is what makes them different. Here’s the answer-

Facebook Ad vs. Google Ad: The Difference

Facebook Ads and Google Ads are two incredibly efficacious advertising platforms that provide pay per click services to all kinds of businesses.

1. Definition- Paid Social vs. Paid Search

Facebook Ads is a campaign that offers paid social advertising. With Facebook algorithm upgrades, it has become quite intimidating for brands to acquire potential customers organically. And this is where the role of paid social ad comes into play.

With the paid Facebook Ads, you gain the advantage of appearing before potential customers easily. It isn’t just limited to your Facebook Newsfeed but also lets you post ads on several other channels such as:

● Facebook Newsfeed
● Facebook Messenger
● Instagram
● Audience Network

On the other hand, Google Ads is known as paid search. With the paid search, your listing is featured on the search engine result page (SERP). With the paid search, you place an ad on the basis of a specific target keyword, instead of a particular audience. Although you have got the option for adjusting the setting of a paid search campaign to a target-specific audience based on location, etc.

With Google Adwords or Ads, you can advertise on the following channels:

● Google Search
● Google Maps
● Google Play
● YouTube
● Google Display Network

2. Audience/Buyer Intent

When it comes to audience intent, Google Adwords are more effective than Facebook Ads. The reason for the same is that Google gives you results based on the target keyword.

For example, you have started a company, created a website, and now want it to rank on the SERPs. For this, you will search for the best digital marketing consultant in the market. Search ads will feature the related ad in front of you at the exact time.

Obviously, you aren’t going on Facebook to find a consultant that you saw two or three months ago. So, here, Google ad beats up Facebook ads. Facebook Ads are beneficial in building audiences and not more effective in generating leads.

3. Average Conversion Rate

According to research carried out by the WordStream, the average conversion rate for Google Ads is 3.75% while that of Facebook Ads is 9.21%. However, the conversion rate of Google Ads keeps on varying from advertiser to advertiser; still, it remains lower than Facebook Ads. But on contrast, Google Ads are known to have a much higher CTR (Click through Rate) than Facebook Ads.

4. Targeting Options

Both platforms provide you with the option of targeting as well as retargeting particular audiences. They let you target the audiences by their gender, age, location, and income among other things.

However, Facebook is a bit forward and gives you advanced targeting options. It lets you create audiences on the basis of the large list of buyers’ interests and behaviors. It allows to be very specific with the target audience. It collects information from its data containing two billion monthly users.

5. Ad Format Options

If you are an e-commerce business, then you must go with Facebook Ads. Why? Because it provides you with several ad formats such as adding attracting images and videos related to the offering which captures the audience’s interest quickly. However, Google Ads has a very limited option for formatting. It is confined only to text searches. Hence, you need to write an alluring piece of content for the small block of text to gain audiences.

6. Advertising cost and Return on Investment

The advertising cost differs from industry to industry. The Average Cost Per Click (CPC) on Google Ads is $2.69 which varies hugely according to industry type. E-commerce businesses typically pay about $1.16 per click. However, businesses associated with the legal industry pay an average of whopping $6.75 per click while that of the insurance industry pays with a top CPC of $54.91.

On the contrary, Facebook ads are cheaper per click than Google ads. The apparel industry pays as little as $0.45 per click while the finance and insurance industry pay with an average CPC of $3.77 per click on Facebook.

Even more important is CPA i.e. Cost Per Action. It determines whether you will have a powerful ROI campaign. Again, Google Adwords is more expensive than Facebook Ads.

The Final Thought

In a nutshell, Facebook Ads and Google Ads both are powerful tools for generating a higher return on investment. But it totally depends on what kind of business you run. If you are an e-Commerce business, you should go for Facebook Ads, however, B2B marketers should pick Google Ads. Nevertheless, you can also choose to implement both Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

So, if you are searching for such digital marketing services, feel free to contact us. We provide a diverse range of services such as social media optimization, PPC services, etc.


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