Four Major Trends in Business SEO Services this Year

Four Major Trends in Business SEO Services this Year

Four Major Trends in Business SEO Services this Year

17 Aug 2021    SEO

Digital Marketing is all about staying abreast with the latest trends and implementing those in your efforts. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a large company with an already established reputation, focusing on digital marketing is essential. So, if you are lagging and haven’t been able to give much attention to it, we can help.

In this blog, we have listed six major trends in business SEO services this year. Each trend has its significance and helps you stay a step ahead of your rivals. Without further ado, let’s list them down.

Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know and Implement

1. Featured Snippets & Zero-Click Searches

SEO professionals across the world are prioritizing ‘Featured Snippet’ or ‘Zero Position’ this year. It works differently from other search results. Unlike other results that appear in a list form, this one is visible in a small box and is located at the top. Aside from page title and meta description, it also displays extra information that fits the user’s query. The user doesn’t have to click on the link as the snippet itself displays relevant information.

If you know a thing or two about digital marketing, you may know search engine optimization. The goal is to perform varied activities and move your website to the number one position. But now, things have changed. In 2021, the goal is to improve a website’s visibility to “position zero.”

Before you target featured snippets, keep in mind that they are meant for long-tail keyword phrases. For instance, if a user asks a question like how to reduce waist size, different steps are involved in it. So, make sure your article or blog also uses a long-tail keyword. Accompany it with the right pictures, videos and place the content in the right format with bullets or a table structure.

2. Sustainability

People are becoming more and more concerned about the environment around them. This is why they want to make sure that the brands they buy products/services from are also concerned for the environment.

More than 80% of customers feel that companies should also work for the betterment of the environment. Today, younger customers prefer eco-friendly and sustainable brands over brands that show no sense of sustainability.

As a brand, you should portray your brand’s environmentalism through visuals. You can also communicate it through your content, banner style, social media posts. Instead of choosing a direct approach, choose subtle ways to convey green themes through your brand. Take help from an expert specializing in search engine optimization services if you need help getting started. 

3. Visual Searches

Typing in keywords is the best way to search for videos and images. Users can also submit already existing images for a search. With users discovering multiple search techniques, it has become important for businesses to think visually as well.

Google Lens is a great example here. Let’s say you are a customer looking for a particular product. But since you do not know the same of the products, you are unable to find them online. With Google Lens, you can take a picture of that product and Google will direct you to that product page.

Ever since Google Lens got launched. More people are using it to find the products of their choice. To benefit from the same, you need to make sure that your video and image campaigns are up-to-date. For that, you need to follow these steps:

  • Add alt text in the image descriptions
  • Along with links, include images in your website’s sitemap
  • Use high-quality videos, images, and gifs

If you aren’t sure how Google Lens works, learn more about it from experts. Conduct online research and hire an SEO expert to handle visual search tasks for you. With an expert’s assistance, you will be able to capitalize on the virtual search traffic and outrank your competitors.

4. Local SEO

To rank well locally, you need to get Google verified. For that, you need to sign up to Google My Business and claim your business listing. If it is not visible to claim, you can create a new one. After claiming your business, the chances of your business ranking higher increase. It also allows you to display additional information about your business.

Moreover, you want to properly include local keywords into your SEO strategy. Make sure you give maximum priority to the name of your city and use it as a top keyword. With a professional’s help, you can also incorporate other related keywords.

To Conclude

These trends are a must for any business to flourish. While you may have already heard about them, it’s important to take them into serious consideration now. For additional information on local business SEO services, connect with our specialists at Digital Hub Solution. Our team will identify your business niche, create a tailored strategy and help you enjoy better rankings.

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