Google Analytics 4 – What’s New with the Latest Google Update

Google Analytics 4 – What’s New with the Latest Google Update

Google Analytics 4 – What’s New with the Latest Google Update

02 Mar 2021    Digital Marketing

To effectively track and analyze the customer’s path, digital marketers need to check web activity as well as mobile activities on mobile apps. In the past, you couldn’t track business growth, scaling, overall traffic; etc for both web and app but now it’s going to change with Google Analytics 4. The latest update from Google brings you incredible features where you can micromanage everything efficiently for both platforms.

It’s been a while since Google launched Google Analytics 4.  You must be curious to know what Google Analytics Version 4 is and how you are going to migrate from existing universal analytics. Keep reading to know all about it.

Google Analytics 4, Google Firebase, and Universal Analytics

GA4 is a service provided by Google where marketers can survey and analyze the data gathered from the web and the apps on a single panel. The data presented on GA4 is in a standardized format which makes fairly easy analytics of user-engagement and user’s shopping paths.

Google Analytics for Firebase is similar to classic analytics for websites. The only difference is that it can be only used for mobile apps to survey the collected data. Google Analytics doesn’t allow any kind of calculation for mobile apps on its interface. Now, it’s possible with the introduction of GA4 which allows analytics for both mobile apps and websites.  Speaking of Websites, get in touch with Digital Hub Solution – one of the best web design agencies for robust responsive website services.

Benefits of Google Analytics 4

Now we know that GA4 is highly advanced, effective, and better of both worlds of Firebase and Class Google Analytics. It’s time to explore more and find out its benefits –

Gives a Better Customer Understanding

Thanks to its advanced metrics and integrated data reporting, Google Analytics 4 offers multi-layer user understanding and behaviors. With its advanced measurement and integrated system, you can easily optimize the customer experience on both Mobile-friendly websites and apps on a single tab.

Enhanced Event Tracking and Measurement

The enhanced measurement system is based on user events which include parameters and events. It ensures appropriate customer experience and smooth delivery with active tracking from a single window to all marketing channels.

More Events

With the help of Google Analytics 4, you can customize every step of the purchase path and behavior of any user. With the dedicated panels, you can track every move of a user on both the web and application. You can also let you identify the best marketing channels.

Access to More Customized Reports

One of the strong points of Google analytics and GA4 aced this specific area. With the advanced reporting generation, you can locate new users and the behavior of the customers on mobile apps and mobile responsive sites. 

Easy Analysis Option

Reporting and analysis have now become very easy with the introduction of Google Analytics 4. Now you can –

  • Understand the user’s behavior more precisely and effectively.
  • Create reports at any given stage after analyzing the user’s behavior.
  • Identify potential segment overlapping.

And that’s just the major highlights; this module offers many options for digital marketing experts and analysts. By the way, you can use all of it for free with the latest Google update.

Who Gets the Most Out of Google Analytics 4?

This update gives a huge advantage to digital marketers, SEO experts, WordPress development Services providers, app developers, and web developers. Let’s check out how –

Mobile App Developers

Not only GA4 gives more transparency and analyzing powers but also better data reports to make effective conclusions. Now, you can get conclusive reports and track for your mobile as well as for your accompanied websites at the same place.

Online Store Owners

Nowadays, responsive website services are available for the better implementation of eCommerce websites. This latest analysis module allows a better understanding of the user’s pattern on both the mobile app and a website (given that you have both platforms). Now, app developers can get deeper insights into their app which was previously unavailable. 

Website developers

There are plenty of options for website developers as well. You will get dedicated events, absolutely free access to analytical resources. It’s better to get adapted to the newest release from Google because it’s better, advanced, and equipped with robust features.


The most obvious question now is – “Will Google Analytics 4 replace the classic Google Analytics?” Certainly, Google is going to focus more on the latest update rather than the classic one. However, it won’t be replacing Google Analytics anytime soon. The reason behind this is the API integration that GA4 currently does not support. Google Analytics 4 will take you ahead with exceptional functionality.

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