9 Inspiring Blogs Every Website Design Company Must Follow

9 Inspiring Blogs Every Website Design Company Must Follow

9 Inspiring Blogs Every Website Design Company Must Follow

25 May 2021    Web Designing

“Inspiration is the key to action and achievement.”

We’ve all heard or read that quote while scrolling through our social media channels, haven’t we? 

The quote fits perfectly for those working in a creative field like web design. Even a tiny bit of inspiration can sometimes induce new ideas and concepts. 

Whether you’re a freelancer or a full-fledged website design company; you need to keep those creative juices flowing. So, here’s a list of nine amazing blogs that you must follow or at least keep an eye on. 

They’ll help you stay abreast with the latest trends & resources and become your guiding light whenever you feel stuck. 

Web Design Blogs to Start Reading and Following

1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a haven for both website developers and designers. Aside from writing blogs, they also offer freebies to their readers. These freebies may be a template or a plugin that can help you simplify your tasks. 

Other than that, they go to great lengths to organize workshops and e-conferences to assist budding and established designers. 

2. Codrops

Codrops is one of the finest and reliable communities for web design/development. For agencies specializing in website design services, this is a blog that can help you stay on top. 

You can count on Codrops for a plethora of resources as well as layouts. They have a Collection section,  dedicated to updating news and tools that allow you to complete your daily tasks. 

Their WordPress and responsive web design blogs are a favorite amongst readers. So, you should definitely check them out. 

3. Envato Tuts+ 

Envato Tuts+ is a renowned web design blog. It comprises everything from innovative web and graphic design ideas to tutorials and online courses. 

The reason their blog has become so popular is that they write them from their own experiences. It’s like a safe place that you can get into whenever you feel inspired. 

4. Noupe

A unique name for an equally unique blog. Noupe’s selection is exceptionally diverse. Their blogs are not limited to standard designs or layouts but also include tutorials for logos, print designs, and UX. 

It’s no less than a learning platform for beginners. Their posts are highly educational but not boring. They add a pinch of humor and fun so you can enjoy reading them. 

5. SitePoint

SitePoint blogs are not just informative but also eye-pleasing. We love the fact that they’ve taken their own website design seriously. It’s a visual treat for readers as soon as they land on their blogs. They’re easy to navigate and truly precise. 

The Library section on their site contains a comprehensive range of guides. They’re also regular with posting reviews on different design tools for your help. No matter which design-related topic you’re looking for, SitePoint has got you covered. 

6. Hongkiat

A Malaysia-based agency, Hongkiat strives to offer a spectacular variety of blogs. On their website, you can find tutorials for different tools along with free yet responsive WordPress themes. 

A quality that makes them different from others is that they care about businesses as much as individuals. With topics is how to become a successful website design company, they also aim to help entrepreneurs make a mark for themselves. 

Additionally, they have a social commerce section wherein they discuss your website’s social aspect. They know videos and audio content is the most consumed form of content today and they help you incorporate the same into your website design. 

7. I Love Typography 

Some designers do not even prioritize typography as a website design element. So, when they get a client who asks them to work on that, they get stuck. 

With this blog, you can improve your font using skills and even learn to create your own fonts. Their collection can introduce you to the world of typography in an easy and educational way. 

8. Identity Designed 

A client wants you to create designs that truly depict their business identity. That’s exactly what Identity Designed helps you with. 

On their website, you will come across a plethora of case studies. Unlike other blogs that post tutorials and guidelines, this one lets you think a little out of the box. 

Just take out time to read and one of their case studios and we guarantee that you will be hooked. Having worked with clients from all over the globe, they sure are a blog site that’s worth following. 

9. A List Apart

Sometimes more than creativity, you struggle with technicalities. And that’s where A List Apart comes to your rescue. They publish content based on practical experiences including blogs on layouts and grids. 

We would like to give a special shout-out to their Events section. It contains interviews with some of the top web design leaders and professionals. Reading or watching those interviews are a great source of encouragement if you’re having a lackluster day. 


The list of blogs that you can follow doesn’t end here. There are many more options for a web designer to choose from. 

The blog you select depends on what material you’re looking for. So, we suggest you determine your needs first and then make a choice. Your selection also depends on whether you are an individual freelancer or an agency with a team of designers. Besides, it is always better to go with the one that you think is easy to understand and not complicated in any way.

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