Social Media Optimization: Top Platforms You Should Target

Social Media Optimization: Top Platforms You Should Target

Social Media Optimization: Top Platforms You Should Target

04 Aug 2020    Social Media

There’s a vast range of social networking applications out there. Each may prove useful to one brand or another, but not to the same extent.

While some businesses may benefit more from Facebook, others might be successful in engaging more customers on Twitter, another brand may gain more popularity on Instagram than other platforms.                                                                  

With such varying levels of success – or failure – for brands, where should you spend more time and resources?

The preferred strategy for social media optimization by companies is to maintain a presence on the most popular social media platforms, followed by a strategy to concentrate on the ones with more potential.

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Major Platforms to Take Your Brand to the Next Level

In this blog, we will try to help you choose by taking a quick glance at the most significant social media platforms to focus on this year, along with a few tips to help you determine if your content will work well on a particular platform.

Even if you already know these, it won’t hurt to remind yourself of how each of these can help your business so you can shift your focus on the ones you may miss out on and save valuable money in case you have hired professional digital marketing services.



With around 2.5 billion users, Facebook is arguably the most popular and versatile platform around the world. Nearly every industry successfully builds a customer base here through social media optimization, from eCommerce and retail brands and consumer goods to gaming, film and entertainment, finance-based and telecommunication industries.

Tip: The News Feed can impede your brand and your clients, so try to reach them through live videos, Messenger chatbot or by joining or creating a group.



Although Instagram was launched in 2010, it has gained an active user count of more than a billion. This platform was essentially designed for posting eye-catching visual content, and it has proved very useful for gaining followers if you can create posts that inspire creativity.

Throughout the years, coaches, product-based companies, and social media influencers have really shone on this platform. With the introduction of shoppable posts a few years ago, such companies have even more potential to make it big by gaining many customers through the ‘Gram. That’s because they can now reach their audience and sell their product at the same time.

Tip: Instagram has a majority of users between 18 to 34 years, so focus more here if your target audience is within this range.



Twitter may not boast of as large an audience as the previous two. However, it is a great platform if your company needs to promote businesses in sports, marketing, politics or the entertainment industry.

Tip: You can show the usefulness of your products by sharing valuable information in relevant places wherever possible – and you are likely to find lots of opportunities to do so because the conversations never end.



This is a social media platform with communities dedicated to perhaps every theme and topic possible. Reddit is easily among the top 10 most popular websites and apps with more than 400 million active users. Agencies offering digital marketing services also consider Reddit as an important platform to gain an audience.

Tip: This platform offers a unique opportunity to show your imagination and improve your brand’s representation – take advantage of those opportunities by providing useful information in communities cleverly.



This is a gigantic networking platform for professionals where more than sixty million of active users are in higher positions at their firms. Therefore, it is the right place to search for decision makers and approach them to hire your services and connect for lucrative opportunities in the future.

LinkedIn is the social network to be on, particularly for over 50% college degree holders in America. Also, most of these are likely to be in leadership positions, so it has excellent potential for businesses looking for a larger company to stock the products they offer or to invest in a partnership.

Tip: Focus on building connections slowly and steadily rather than approaching people with a sales pitch straight away.

There are plenty of ways to reach out to your customers and keep them engaged. You, too, can make the most of the social media platforms out there by identifying the pros and cons of each for your business, and picking the ones where your clients are most active.

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