Voice Search Optimization: Chief Aspects to Cover

Voice Search Optimization: Chief Aspects to Cover

Voice Search Optimization: Chief Aspects to Cover

21 Sep 2020    SEO

This trend has become so popular that such mobile phones and smart home devices that feature digital “assistants” that are often “listening” to what we say are practically invading our lives. 

With so many people using voice search to find new information on search engines, voice search optimization has certainly become something of importance. In this blog, we will talk about this aspect of search engine optimization and how you can effectively boost results in your favor when it comes to voice search

Voice Search: A New Area to Build a Reputation for Your SEO Agency

Voice technology has increased convenience for people, since they just have to speak out a few words and gain the information they need from the device in their hands. You can even use your voice to turn on the lights, play media on your phone or television, and, basically, interact with your gadget to order food or learn about anything from local weather reports to breaking news on your favorite news channel.

Voice search is surely here to stay because of the convenience it brings, so if you have hired an SEO agency to improve your search engine rankings, they should also work on voice search optimization for your website for better progress.

Working on Voice Search Optimization: Various Aspects to Consider

Take a look at the pointers below that will ensure your voice optimization related tasks bring favorable results within an expected time frame:

  • Become Visible on Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the first steps for you to appear on the map, so make sure you have created a listing there and keep it optimized. It is highly useful because it involves local details about your business like its category, address, business hours, and other related information that customers often search for. 

An updated listing will build your chances of being at the top of the list when one of the data fields coincides with the search, thereby resulting in search optimization success relatively sooner.  

  • Design a Strategy for Conversational Keywords

The use of keywords has gradually developed into different forms for various purposes. For voice search optimization, their long-tail variants are used with conversational phrases that help improve voice search result ranking.

To create the perfect strategy for conversational keywords, you need to imitate the way people talk and search through voice search. Think about what kinds of questions customers ask when they need to know about your products or services. After that, make note of the precise words that they use when they get in touch with you. These words can then be combined to form questions and sentences that you can use to create content for more success by your SEO company. 

  • Create an FAQ Page for Your Website

The information collected to form optimized content can also be useful in writing Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs while bringing the focus on conversational keywords. Try to make the content sound more real by forming questions with less old SEO-phrases and more natural conversation-centric content. 

The more your website’s pages have this type of content, the better the chances are of voice search technologies finding your content first. voi. Voice searches are chosen for their quick responses, so you need to form such responses and reach your customers accordingly. 

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Although this might feel difficult to do, the results are completely worth the effort because it involves designing content for individual pages that includes tailored questions that are actually being asked by real people. Such content helps your website to appear in voice search results, even to the point where Google displays your website’s content in its “Featured Snippet.”

  • Improve the Use of Schemas for Voice Search Optimization

Structured data markup further boosts your website’s position in terms of voice search results because they offer more information regarding your website and its content. This helps search engines to judge how precise and relevant your website and its content is for the user’s question by clearly identifying its context.

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