10 Ways to Effortlessly Boost Instagram Engagement in 2020

10 Ways to Effortlessly Boost Instagram Engagement in 2020

10 Ways to Effortlessly Boost Instagram Engagement in 2020

17 Aug 2020    Social Media

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms. It’s the number one place where brands market their products, services and improve online visibility. If you too are looking to improve the engagement rate of your Instagram account, this blog is for you!

We will be sharing 10 ways to help you advance your Instagram game in 2020 and beyond.  

Without any further delay, let’s get right into it. 


1. Make Use of the “Reels” mode

Instagram recently introduced a new feature called “Reels” – that is actually inspired by TikTok, an app that Gen Z absolutely loves. 

With this feature, Instagram allows users to create 15 seconds videos just like TikTok without various features such as music library, playback speed, dialogue dubbing, and more! 

To level-up, your Instagram engagement, even the finest digital marketing agency in India will recommend you make use of this feature. 


2. Use IGTV Content for extra Communication

Another Instagram feature that you must take advantage of is IGTV. It allows users to make long, professional, detailed videos. 

This feature can help you reach new audience and consequently gain improved engagement. You can utilize these elaborate IGTV videos for educating and entertaining audiences with elaborate videos. 


3. Include Location to your Post

While most of us are using Instagram for a while now, an important featur we tend to overlook is location. Putting an exact location where the picture was taken can help you reach new people.

Location-specific posts appear in searches based on location and help you increase your account’s exposure. 


4. Don’t Hesitate to Create Long and Intriguing Captions

Long posts aren’t boring; they are in fact a fantastic way to intrigue the audience. A long caption not only engages the reader but also increases the time spent by a user on your content. 

Also, as everybody is always using one-liners on their posts, long captions are a breath of fresh air. They help you connect with your audience on a personal level in the form of stories, incidences, happy moments, and achievements. 

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5. Keep Using the Stories Feature

Stories are an excellent way to stay at the top of your followers’ feed. If you come up with new and interesting stories every now and then, your followers will definitely get engaged. 

Just keep in mind not to over-use this feature. Posting senseless stories can put off your followers and make then unfollow you. So, get as creative as you can with your stories. 

Once your stories start getting a good response, do create story highlights to retain your stories. 


6. Tag or Mention Big Accounts in your Posts

Tagging Instagram accounts with a big amount of followers will help you get in their profiles. That will help you reach their audience and boost your ranking in the Instagram algorithm. To get started, just tag accounts related to your product or service. 


7. Make Use of High-Quality Images

High-definition or quality images are signification when posting on Instagram. The better the quality, the more are the chances of getting likes. 

If you haven’t been using HQ pictures, try using them now and you will see a guaranteed increase in the number of likes and followers. To retain the image quality, follow the size guidelines. 


8. Use Relevant Hashtags on your Posts

The use of hashtags is an old trick but now it’s all about using the relevant ones. So, you need to ensure that your hashtags are both popular as well as related to your post. 

To get an idea about which hashtag is performing well, keep an eye on Instagram analytics of each post. You can also consult any company offering digital marketing services and they’ll provide you with some quick tips to find relevant hashtags.


9. Interact with your Audiences

Whether it’s the comments on your posts or Direct Messages (DMs), make sure you interact with your audience. Having conversations with your audience on a regular basis allows you to boost your engagement over time.

In case the number of comments and DMs are more than you can handle, make a schedule, and reply accordingly.


10. Start Quizzes/Polls/AMAs in Instagram Stories

If you have a good number of followers but aren’t getting enough replies or comments, start a fun quiz or poll on your account. Keeping your audience entertained with stories like these helps improving engagement.

You can also answer queries and questions of your followers from time to time by starting AMAs (Ask Me Anything) sessions. 



The above-listed ways are absolutely free. But, if you would like to speed up the engagement improvement process, you can contact us to get some paid methods. We will analyze your requirement and determine the most effective ways to boost your engagement on a platform like Instagram.

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