7 Easy Tips for Improving Your Facebook Page Engagement

7 Easy Tips for Improving Your Facebook Page Engagement

7 Easy Tips for Improving Your Facebook Page Engagement

11 Aug 2020    Social Media

Whether you are setting up a new Facebook Page for your business or just want to make the best use of your existing one – it’s a great move. We say so because Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms across the world. In fact, it would be wrong to not capitalize on a platform that has over 2 billion active users every month.

To most of us, the idea of creating and managing a Facebook Page sounds easy. All it takes is a picture, a few posts, and the leads will come rolling in.

But NO!  It’s not that simple. 

A Facebook Page requires you to use an extensive strategy to draw attention, likes, and engagement. Without a plan, the chances of getting genuine leads and customers are unlikely. 

In this blog, we will provide you with some easy tips to drive engagement with your Facebook page, without spending a single penny. 


1. Post Videos Directly on Facebook

Instead of posting video content through YouTube or any other video platform, post native videos on Facebook. When potential and existing users scroll through their feed, your video will play automatically. It will draw their attention before they even know it. 

Remember to keep your videos short. Stick to a timeline of 2 minutes or less to get engagement. Videos that last 30 seconds to two minutes have a greater engagement rate than the ones that last longer. 


2. Make Video Playlists and Optimize Your Videos

A keyword-rich title and description work like a charm. Make sure you include keywords in your video’s title, description, and also add tags. Doing this will improve the video’s chance of showing up in applicable feeds. 

Once you start posting videos regularly, create a playlist so that the videos keep playing one after another. The user will then be able to view different videos related to your brand or business without having to click any button. 

Adding a feature video to your Facebook Page is also an effective social media optimization technique. You may choose a featured video from the ones you’ve already uploaded or simply upload a new one. Once featured, the video will appear at the top of your page. 


3. Make Use of the ‘Live’ Feature

 Raise the bar of your videos by using the ‘Live’ feature. As soon as you go live, your video will top the newsfeed of your followers. Moreover, the people who interact with your page frequently or have interacted recently will receive a notification related to your live session. 

The news feed and notification together is a formula for engagement! After the live session completes, the video will appear on your Facebook page automatically. You can share it for the followers who missed it by embedding it to your website or share the video on other social media platforms. 


4. Publish Exclusive Content

Posting content that no other Facebook Page is posting is one of the finest ways to draw attention. This is a useful tip that every digital marketing company recommends. Offering content that is exclusive to Facebook such as discounts, case studies, or white papers that are available on FB before anywhere else is greatly helpful. 

Promote flash sales, special offers, contests, discounts, etc. Give your audience everything that they cannot find at any other place. 


5. Keep Track of Facebook Insights

 Keeping a check on your Facebook Insights on a regular basis will allow you to learn what sort of content is getting more audience engagement. You need to take note of the post format and content to utilize the information for future use. 

Following what your audience wants will definitely help you connect with the right customers and in turn improve the rate of engagement. 


6. Interaction is Key

Interacting is par for the course, no matter what social media network you’re using. From existing followers to new ones, all of them appreciate the response. So, keep an eye on the comments and messages section to answer queries and concerns. 

Apart from addressing concerns, you should also thank them for providing good feedback. Dedicate a specific time of the day or an entire day of the week to handle your Facebook Page. Manage social interactions during this time and give your customers a reason to appreciate you. 

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7. Create or Invest in Cinemagraphs

One of the most trending forms of Facebook content is cinemagraphs. Not only are they a visual treat but are in an animated format. Similar to GIFs, they also play in a loop and do not require pressing the play button. 

Aesthetically pleasing in nature, these can be created using various online tools such as Shutterstock. If you have a social media team that manages the business page for you, talk to them regarding cinemagraphs and leave the rest to them. They will work their magic and you will start seeing an improved engagement rate automatically.



Next week, Digital Hub Solution will bring valuable tips for boosting your engagement rate on Instagram. 

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