8 Simple Tactics to Increase Engagement on Twitter

8 Simple Tactics to Increase Engagement on Twitter

8 Simple Tactics to Increase Engagement on Twitter

24 Aug 2020    Social Media

When it comes to social media marketing, Twitter is one of the major platforms. With more than 330 million monthly users, this social networking service is incredibly beneficial for marketers across the world. 

But the ultimate question is – how do you get an active engagement on Twitter? In this blog, we’re going to help you boost your engagement with eight effective strategies.

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into the details. 


1. Tweet More = Engage More

As compared to other social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook requires a solid content strategy.  A tactic that every SEO services company recommends is tweeting three to six times per day. 

The main trick is to promote yourself. If you’re out of ideas, stick to your relevant industry, trending news, and personal updates. You need to fill yo your feed with new content to let the potential followers that you’re active and worth following! 


2. Post More Visual Content

If you aren’t new to twitter, you must be already aware that tweets with visual content get more retweets, likes, and quotes than those without them. 

Hence, brands and business owners must try and accompany their tweets with images. This doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with text-based tweets, it’s just that tweet with pictures capture the attention of readers quickly. 

These days, people enjoy coupling their tweets with memes and GIFs. This practice is highly entertaining and can lead to an instant follow from potential clients. 

Other than that, you can post videos. They are a great way to educate as well as entertain your audience. 


3. Time Your Tweets

Posting one tweet after another while your target audience is offline won’t help you increase your followers. Surveys depict that weekdays are the best days to tweet especially in the afternoons. 

The timing varies according to your time zone which is why timing your tweets can help you gain an edge over others. 

Whether you have a good amount of followers or are just getting started, scheduling tweets when users are inactive can be profitable. 

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4. Become a Retweeting, Tagging and Replying Maestro

Sure, creating your own content is significant when using Twitter. But, appreciating and noticing other people’s tweets is as important. To gain new followers, you must retweet and reply to tweets that you find enjoyable. 

This improves your credibility in the eyes of potential followers. It proves your active status and helps you get more engagement. 

Another clever method to get the attention of other brands is by giving them a shout out.  Just compliment other brands by tagging them in your tweet. If your tweet is genuine, your account will definitely get the attention you desire. 


5. Capitalize on Hashtags

Hashtags are an old yet effective way to make your posts searchable. Studies indicate that tweets with hashtags get 12% more engagement than tweets that don’t have them.

Although the usage of hashtags is one of the best practices, they shouldn’t be overused. Coupling them with your tweets is a smart way to improve the chances of getting new followers. Moreover, you can never run out of hashtag ideas as there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Hashtags play a significant role in making Twitter, a dynamic website design. Users can choose what to like, retweet, or follow simply on the basis of these. 


6. Refine Your Profile for New Followers

Since Twitter is used by almost 15% bots, your brand needs to prove that you’re human. Aside from creating better content, there are other ways to refine your profile and make it more approachable. 

Here’s how you can make it friendlier:

  • Use a clear display picture
  • Update your bio
  • Use relevant keywords, tags, and location


7. Find Followers Within your Contact List and Network

A lot of people use social media as an escape to their daily life. But, if you sync your Twitter account with your contact list, you will be able to attain followers in as minimal as ten seconds. 

Syncing your email contacts makes your account visible in the ’Who to Follow’ section of your contacts. If your list is huge, you will be able to get a great number of fo followers without any effort. 


8. Look for Followers Outside of Twitter

After using every possible tactic to grasp the attention of existing Twitter users, it’s time you look outside this platform. 

Let’s say you have a great Facebook or Instagram page. You can divert traffic from that platform by posting activities, contests, and quizzes and asking your followers to reply on Twitter. 

You may also make a simple post and request your Facebook or Instagram followers to follow you on Twitter but that’s pretty boring. An effective approach that almost every digital marketing company will suggest is to make the switch interesting. 

Aside from that, you should also ensure that your official business website clearly displays your twitter profile link. Sometimes, users on the website prefer checking a brand’s social media presence out of curiously. So, you need to ensure that they’re able to get to your Twitter account without any extra effort. 



With this blog, we are ending our social media engagement series. Next week, we’ll be back with a new topic, so stay tuned. 

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