Custom Vs. Template-Based Website: What’s The Difference?

Custom Vs. Template-Based Website: What’s The Difference?

Custom Vs. Template-Based Website: What’s The Difference?

28 Jun 2019    Tips And Tutorials

But before we list down the different factors, it is important that you understand what Template and Customized websites actually mean?

Template-Based Sites: – These websites have an extensive range of features and functions. They not only offer drag and drop templates but also offer customizable themes. 

Customized Sites: – Having a customized website means having a unique design that matches with your business needs. Essentially, this type of website allows you to take pride in the fact that no other site has the layout and template like yours. 

Now that we know the basic definitions, let us move on discuss the merits and drawbacks of both.

Template-Based Websites

Basic Advantages 

  • Offers an extensive range of modern layouts
  • Cost-Effective 
  • Less Time-Consuming
  • Already Responsive

If you require a business website on an urgent basis, then template websites are an appropriate solution. You do not have to hire an experienced developer or agency; you may create it by your own. 

For instance, WordPress is a great CMS that provides remarkable website templates. Moreover, it offers tutorials to make things easier. Apart from that, you will also find third-party plugins that will let you customize your website however you like. 

In order to maintain a template-based site, you wouldn’t require a professional. In fact, a fresher or a person with intermediate coding knowledge can very well maintain it. Templates are modern and unique and you do not require spending additional time in making them mobile responsive. This is actually one of the major points where template-based websites score higher than custom-built websites.



  • You Do Not Own the Copyright of the Design
  • Competitors or Other Online Business Owners could use the Same Template
  • Moderate Customization Options

If you require multiple websites, then template sites could become repetitive for you. The options become limited after some time and you would end up looking for something new and fresh. There is no place for creativity in these websites; you can customize only a few aspects of it. In order to redesign it properly, you would require taking help from a professional designer.

Custom-Built Websites




  • Unparalleled Design
  • Liberty of Design Work
  • You will Own the Copyright of the Design

With a customized website, you get a chance to outrank your competition. Though time-taking, it is one option that fits with your specific requirements perfectly. Right from layout and images to color schemes and navigation; everything is personalized. 

You can easily become a leader in your industry as there are no limitations on how you design the website. Another advantage of having a custom-built website is that you can own multiple versions and have a proper backup of it. All in all, the time you and your team of web designers put in creating a customized website will eventually be worth it. 



  • Costly 
  • Extremely Time Consuming
  • Requires High Skill Level

Custom-based websites take time; you need to invest your energy in meetings, costs, and approvals. Selecting a website designer or web design agency also requires a lot of time. It is essential that you choose an agency that stays true to their words and can actually deliver what they promise. 

Despite being a costly solution, this is one website that will benefit you in the long run. Just make sure, you control your costs and hire a professional agency or individual with advanced skills. Both creation and maintenance of custom websites involve proper coding knowledge, so hire someone who has ample experience in this department. 

In Conclusion


Before making a decision, we recommend that you first take a look at your business needs, target market, and your general online promotion objectives. 

In case you’re interested in knowing more about our custom and dynamic website designing services, let’s talk! We’ll be happy to discuss your company needs and create a beautiful and responsive website. 

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